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retelling of the little mermaid: chapter 5
I rest, as mother orders. I do think it is a good thing that she made a seashell bra for me. Because just having my breast covered by my hair is repulsive! I think about the merman that served for his family. It makes me think of merpeople afterlife. I was told that when a mermaid dies, She either becomes a maiden of the sky, or a maiden of hell. I am sure the merman lives in the sky, he earned that token of heaven. I think about how much I miss my true love, Nick. I just wish I could at least see his face...Just once...
The past couple of days, I have just been lazing around our spot. I lay on my back in the sand. Staring at the moon through the thick, shimmering water. The view from the seafloor looks like the waves are messing up the Moon's crescent shape. But then something completely blocks it. A large Object, or fish or whale, or something. I must know what it is! I undo my hair and free it from the braid it was tied in. And I swim up. I know what object it is. It's another p
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retelling of the little mermaid: chapter 4
Back in the cave, I am. And Mother knows about what I did, and she isn't really too happy about it either. She says I should know better. Now she has ordered me to rest today. But before I have to slumber, she wants to talk to me on our rock. She has her purse with her- which she has owned even in her days as a human. I know this 'talk' must be serious. She only brings her purse when we have serious talks. I bring the jewelry box with me. Mother sighs and looks my in the eyes "Anata, I want you to have this." she says while reaching into the purse. Pulling out something that makes me want to laugh.
A seashell bra. Held together with seaweed. I try to be serious while putting it on. great, Now i'm the most stereotypical mermaid in existence! I sing, I attempt to rescue drowning humans, I raid jewelry from sunken ships, and now I have seashells covering my breasts. Now all I need is a dolphin side-kick. Alright, time for me to snap back to reality and be serious. I smile at her and s
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retelling of the little mermaid: chapter 3
It is dark, I am guessing it is midnight. But I cannot sleep, I feel too restless tonight. Thinking about the death this morning. I stealthily swim out of the cave, trying not to wake mother. I rise to the surace, climb onto our rock, and stare at the full moon. Midnight air is warm. I think about my life as a human, when I didn't even know mermaids existed. And I think about Me sacrificing my soul to the sea witch, being cursed as a mermaid for all eternity, And this memory brings back something that always hurts me to remember.
My true love, Nickolas Thomas. A poor farm boy, whom I sacrificed my soul for. Memories of him and I swimming and always together as children are all that I have left of him. Us two were truly in young love. He was two years older than me, so he must be nineteen or twenty years old currently. I bet he's married to another-the other sickening thing to think about.
Fed up in this moment, and almost dried up, I dive back into the water. But I can't go bac
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Ariel braided hair by ocean-potion Ariel braided hair :iconocean-potion:ocean-potion 11 3 blob composition project by ocean-potion blob composition project :iconocean-potion:ocean-potion 2 0 Anata by ocean-potion Anata :iconocean-potion:ocean-potion 1 0
retelling of the little mermaid: chapter 2
I rush through the water. Swimming so fast that the cartilage in my fins begin to sting with pain. My mother chases behind me, screaming my name and ordering me to stop. But I don't acknowledge her. When I reach the man, he is sinking like a rock, into the darkness of the sea. I musn't let him drown! I swim down deep, getting closer and closer to him. So deep that even I can't handle the pressure slowly getting greater. I grab his shirt and haul toward the surface. He squirms and bubbles come from his nose and mouth. 'don't worry, you'll be okay' I think to myself.
I reach the surface. My mother is far behind. "Anata!" she yells. Ignoring her once more, I turn my head to the deserted beach, keeping this man's head above the water. When we reach shore, my tail is numb. I lay my head on his chest. No heartbeat, no signs if life, I was too late. He is dead. Mother reaches shore behind me. "Is he okay?" "N-No..." I whisper in a hushed voice. Tears gather in my eyes and drop onto his fa
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retelling of the little mermaid: chapter 1
When I wake up, the ocean floor is cold. The sunlight shines through the dark water and shines onto me. I lay flat on my back in the sand, surrounded by many small fish and some coral. The morning sun begins to slightly heat the water. I sit up and stare down at my fish tail that begins at the waist down. I feel disgust and thick tears fill my eyes. Or at least they would, If I were still human. I run my fingers through my long, thick brown hair. My hair is the last part of the old me that i have. I guess that is why I cherish my hair so much.
Over the other side of the reef, sleeps my mother. She is not my real mother, But she raised   and protected me from the day I was cursed into a mermaid. She was once human too, but she has been a mermaid far longer than I. I start this new day by swimming to the top of the reef, waiting for mother. I wait only a few minutes and she appears. She hugs me, which, in this case, means "Good morning" But only right now,while we're under water. We
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1st mermaid by ocean-potion 1st mermaid :iconocean-potion:ocean-potion 3 6




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redhead,grand ledge high school, hopelessly obsessed with adventure time, the hunger games,the walking dead. we've all got our passions, and mine is mermaids.


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